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Book Review : Hearts by Fire: Archangel Princess by Melissa De Olmos

Summary (from Goodreads)

Title:  Hearts by Fire: Archangel Princess

Author:  M.A. De Olmos

Publication Date:  November 15, 2013

Publisher:  Self-published

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 Patricia Allenz was a somewhat typical girl. For the past few months, she’d been busy counting down the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until her first day of college at Port Townsend University, in Washington. Patricia’s life was a simple one as far as she knew. Most of her memories involved her family, which consisted of her younger brother Kellen, and her Abuela Viola. After her grandmother’s death on her sixteenth birthday, Patricia was convinced that day had been the worse day of her life. 

Wishful thinking, on her part. On the night before her first day of college classes, her grandmother visits her in a dream. What starts out as a reunion between the two rapidly turns into a complete nightmare. 

From that night, forward her path changes from a straight and narrow one to a totally different realm all together. It does not help that along the way the men that she’d loved at one time, or rather centuries ago, are so conflicted that she cannot decide who to trust. Her body craves them both, but her heart only sings to one of their souls. 

Patricia is forced to face truths she cannot understand, betrayals from loved ones, and a love so powerful she would die to keep him safe. A new world of archangels, demons, and witches threatens to swallow her whole. She has the choice to run away from the unknown or live up to the title Archangel Princess of Alpheratz forever. 

Will Patricia stand up to her fate or will she crumble and fight against what is destined to come?

My Thoughts:

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I really liked the book. It was quite interesting to read. Mostly what held me glued to the book is the intrigue and the whole mystery Melissa created.  I would have liked to see more intrigue at some places, but it is what it is. The story follows Patricia on her quest to unravel what she really is and to find out if she is able to rein her rage and help her kingdom. On this journey we meet some very interesting and intriguing characters, who are either after destroying or helping Patricia. Will she be able to find out who is friend and who is for in her new life? Will she be able to survive? It’s up to you to know. Go, grab your copy now to join Patricia, Kellan, Ethany, Elijah and many others in this compelling story.

To get you a little more interested I will shed a little light in the story. Mainly Patricia is Archangel Michael’s daughter; she is destined to be with Ethany, who is Archangel Gabriel’s son. What all species we are dealing with here? Let’s see. We have Angels, Demons, Witches and … okay, you will still know it from first pages: Angel/Vampire hybrid. But I am keeping my mouth shut and not saying who that is. All of the characters are interesting to read about, but the whole intrigue of the love triangle was too short. It died within 10 minutes of reading and well, I would have loved to read more about it. Melissa makes it a habit to write from many POV-s and actually hat makes a story really interesting and it’s not a bit confusing. Nobody is left out, everybody contributes. One of the best things in this book is Patricia’s reaction to all of this. It was the most real thing to me, it wasn’t pretended. Everything she felt and said was believable.

It will be only fair if I say why I gave the book 3.5 mugs and not more. Firstly, I didn’t get the whole concept of Kingdom. I mean, there was nearly no description of it. What I gather was: there are caves, mountains and it feels better than paradise. That’s all. But maybe it was just cryptic me. The next thing was a lack of steam between characters. Have you ever had that feeling when a tension between two characters is getting bigger and they are going to make it and you get all juicy details and you hear beats uncontrollably while reading? Well, all those “tension” moments were crashing all of my dreams with a awesome phrase: ”… and he made love to me”. I mean it. When I read it for the first time I said okay, I will see something more later. But when each time this “tension” was crashed down on me without even beginning I just told myself to read on because the book has an amazing mystery in it, forget the romance.

I think that’s all wanted to tell you now. I hope you will get a free hour or two, and grab this book for your collection. It’s awesome at taking you mind if and giving you something to think on. And well you will be amazed with Patricia, you even may find yourself in her while reading other books where the main character is coping really well with her/his new life. Happy Reading, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.



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