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Book Review: Positive Self-Esteem: A Guide to a Better You by Vicky Omifolaji


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~ Review ~

I don't usually read self-help books but somehow this time i got interested. Was it from the summary or the happy face on the book cover, i just knew i wanted to read the book. 
Truth be told i liked it a lot! The book was very easy to understand, it is essential in self help books, as usually the authors throw terminology at us and just sit back thinking how awesome they are for using terms we don't understand. (That's the actual reason why i don't read self-help books) 
However, here, Vicky does an amazing job to have a clear picture in her and our minds. She gives you examples that you just can't not understand and she gives you the positivity boost that you need to keep going!
Whether, you have a high or low self-esteem, the book is still valuable, as it give you tricks how to be a better you, not become arrogant, rather unleash that you in yourself that has been hiding from society! 
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 ~ About the Author ~


Vicky Omifolaji is the owner of Vicky Omifolaji Consulting & Psychotherapy Services with over 20 years’ experience helping and empowering people to deal with their life issues. She has always felt the need to help people discover themselves, so she completed Masters in Social Work and Counselling. Vicky's inspiration to write this book came from her counseling work with numerous clients struggling with low self-esteem shaped by their past experiences and socialization. --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

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