Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Blog Tour & Review: How to Make Maximum Impact in Life by Bibi Bunmi Apampa

Title: How to Make Maximum Impact in Life

Author: Bibi Bunmi Apampa

Release Date: 20 Jan 2016


There are some people who live in a dream world. There are others who face reality. Then there are those who turn their dream to reality. Discover how you can maximize your potential, control your destiny, ignite passion into your life and relationships, leave a legacy and turn your dream to reality. Imprint your deed in the hearts and mind of people around you. Learn how to utilize the three powers that is inside you to become a living legend and Make Maximum Impart in Life

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A very well structured book that give the overview of how you can make the maximum impact in life. Not only does it cover the financial part of our lives, but also our lifestyle, be it fitness or relationships. The book was mostly interesting for me in the part of the finance and i'll be trying to follow the guidelines. Though not blindly, everyone is different and you need to accommodate everything to your character!

I believe it is a fantastic book for those who really wish to make a difference in life. Sometimes you need that push to make you think, and, believe me, this book is definitely that push! Get your own copy, read it, understand it, maybe even reread it, have it as your to-go book. and if you think it's not enough, find the author and ask her the questions :) 

~ About the Author ~ 

International bestselling author, Award winner and High Performance Business Coach Bibi Apampa is pleased to announce the publication of How To Make Maximum Impact In Life, a comprehensive guide to helping you become healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Bibi Bunmi Apampa is an award-winning international bestselling author and top high performance business coach who will show you how to make maximum impact in your life, business, ministry, and relationships. She is a recognized consultant and adviser on rich retirement planning, as well as a regular trainer on transformational leadership, wealth creation, financial empowerment, and business breakthrough strategies and techniques. Bibi not only knows how making money Online, Offline and in between... but she also knows how to coach and mentor successful people, change mindsets ... and ultimately lives

To learn more about Bibi Bunmi Apampa, please visit www.BibiApampa.org 

Contact email: MyBusinessCoach@live.com
Tel: UK +44 08450532813

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