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Manga Review: Mixed Vegetables by Ayumi Komura

Title: Mixed Vegetables
Original Title: Mixed Vegetabled
Author: Ayumi Komura
Artist: Ayumi Komura

Year of Release: 2005
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Status: Completed
Chapters (Translated in English): 54

Volumes & Chapters: 

8 Volumes in Total


Hanayu Ashitaba is the daughter of the celebrated Patisserie Ashitaba, but all she wants to do is be a sushi chef. Hayato Hyuga is the son of the prestigious Sushi Hyuga, and all he wants to do is be a pastry chef! It's love and leftovers at Oikawa High School Cooking Department as these star-crossed gourmands do their best to reach their cuisine dreams!

My Thoughts

Review covers 54 chapters 

Hello, everyone and welcome back to Katie’s Corner! Are you ready for today’s review? Do you by any chance note something? If yes, then that’s great, f not well, this is the second time I’m featuring Ayumi Komura’s work on my blog. The first one was her longest serialization – Liar Lily. I loved the story a lot; so don’t be fooled by my rating. I was debating whether to give it 3.5 or 4 leaves, but, in the end, gave it 3.5 because when I looked back at what I read I didn’t really like the ending and I would have loved to see more of Hayato and Hanayu. I actually had to re-read the last 3 pages for 3 times to prove to myself that those two stayed together. I really wanted to see their kid or a bit more affectionate those two. But well we get what we get.

But let me elaborate a bit, so you are not so left out. Meet our main characters: Hanayu – she’s the daughter of patisserie and wants to be a sushi chef, and we have Hayato on the other hand – the successor of Hyuga sushi shop, who wants to become patisserie. Perfect combination if you ask me. They just need to switch places and everything would be fine. Or just marry into each other’s family. And well both of them had the similar ideas, but what if their plans are ruined or some of them have some obligations to fulfill? That’s for you to find out how they actually reach their happy end. And believe me, they will, but not without many arguments, threats and even break ups.

I loved this story. It was fast paced and fun, as always the author made a huge accent on the guys, drawing them really well. I didn’t really care about Hayato, his and Hanayu’s dads were drool worthy. Well, it’s if you love Komura-sensei’s art style. I got so used to it after reading Liar Lily that I found it very easy and fun to read. The biggest mystery was the gender of the culinary class teacher. So if you’re new to this series, please share your hypothesis with me thanks!

What else did I want to cover here? Oh, right. I actually bought all 8 volumes from book depository (the link is above) it’s in English. But if you like reading online and prefer mangafox to mangahere, this time, you’ll have to compromise. As on mangafox there’re only 6 volumes while on mangahere are all 8. I had the similar happen in a few other mangas too.

Are you ready to find out how Hanayu and Hayato reach their dreams? Don’t forget that this is a cooking manga and you might find some useful recopies or just information there. I actually made a note to cook one of the things there. I hope you’ll find some time to read this fantastic story, it does lack in the romance department, but it’s still fun and interesting to read! Enjoy it to its fullest and don’t forget to share your thoughts below! Stay tuned for more reviews as well as promos. Don’t miss your next favourite book or manga! Happy reading!




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