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Blog Tour & Review : Dark Rose by Marissa Halvorson (One More Day Anthology by J. Taylor Publishing

Title: Dark Rose 

Author:  Marissa Halvorson

Publication Date:  2 Dec, 2013

Publisher:  J. Taylor Publishing

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My Thoughts:

What if tomorrow never happens? What if it is our last day? What if time stops and will never begin again? What if you will never get a chance to kiss the guy you like? What if you will never get a chance to say your first “I love you”? So many “What if”-s, right? But the main question is: What would you do if today was your last day?

I don’t know the answer. Maybe try to think how to make it not the last one, but maybe try to live it. Tell my mom that I love her, tell the guy I’ve been crushing since high school that I like him, maybe just curl myself in a comfy armchair and read the book and listen to music. Why? It’s my last day!

However the heroine of this short story – Scarlett is doing the first thing. But well, she kind of has no choice. She is whisked to another planet, where she meets her doppelgangers and she tries to kill one of them who is evil. Does she succeed or not that’s for you to read. Will she be able to kill Dark Rose, prevent planet from destruction, return to her exam and write the essay?

The more I think about the story the more I find new and new ideas woven into it. Of course the main idea is no tomorrow. But however the idea that caught my eye and mind is about soul-mates. When Dark Rose aka the evil doppelganger tells the other two that she wants to destroy them only because that way she will find her true soul-mate it’s quite illogical. I mean did she think that her soul was just a fragment of one whole? And that if he destroyed other two she would gain it completely? But what about her true soul-mate? He also would have had doppelganger in other two universes. So she wanted to kill his parts of soul too? That’s irrational, but what can I say, sometimes we make idiotical decisions in the name of love. Dark Rose’s choice is the proof. But what else I liked is that the author doesn’t forget about those who died or sacrificed themselves. She grants Scarlett voices of her doppelgangers. She grants her several identities and choices. She gives her proof that what had happened to her wasn’t just a dream. Now it’s up to Scarlett to live a full life.

There are other stories in this anthology, but as I was contacted by Marissa herself, I thought that it would be fair if I featured today only her story. However, other stories are also great and their reviews will come shortly afterwards. Hope you will get to read all of them. For that just grab your copy now and don’t forget to tell me what would you do if there was no tomorrow. Happy Reading!!!! J J

My Rating: 

About Author:

Marissa’s dream of writing came about when she was ten, after reading a particularly inspiring story of dragons and elves. She instantly fell in love with the fantasy genre, and characters soon began to manifest to satisfy her adoration. It started with a forty page handwritten novel, which she dubbed “Dragon Girl” and continued on to more challenging (and better written) works.
Now, Marissa can often be found to be studying literature in English class, curled up at home with one book or another, or with her eyes glued to the computer screen asher newest set of characters manifest.

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